Since 2009, I have been passionately organizing edutainment activities, often related to mathematics, talks and games. Earlier these comprised of seminars and camps for younger students (most of which I earlier attended myself), especially MASKOT, BRKOS, KoMáR and BRLOH. I also ocassionally helped with organizing competitions InterLoS, InterSoB, N-Trophy, lectured at T-exkurze, MjUNI, Poznej FI, K-SCUK, OpenLab and BrNOC and supervised and chaired SOČ. I enjoy helping others, hence I also supervise bachelor thesis and mentor newcomers to the Nadáči program.

I also performed at the national finals of the FameLab competition and three times at the Science Slam competition (Slam Mini 2019, Slam 11 including the school tour and Scientists' night 2021).

Currently I strive to reach a wider audience and get society excited about the mathematical way of thinking, problem solving and a deeper understanding of the world. My main project in this direction is the podcast Místo problémů.

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Performances and interviews

Scientists' night 2021 (CS)

How to break into a safe via side channels?

Science Slam 11 (CS)

How to avoid getting scammed through a digital signature vulnerability?

FameLab 2021 - regionals (CS)

Can we trust magic wands (i.e., standardized elliptic curves)?

FameLab 2021 - nationals

From beautiful to practical, or the relationship between number theory and cryptography.

Interview for the Scientists' Night podcast (CS)

What are the current security wars in the world? How to strengthen your internet security? Moderated by Petr Holík.

Interview for the Vědátor podcast (CS)

From mathematics to cryptography, or research projects in CRoCS FI MUNI. Moderated by Nina Kadášová.

Interview for FI MUNI (CS)

Attacks, defenses, and outreach. Moderated by Marta Vrlová.

Final performance of the course Communication training (CS)

A reprise of the introductory performance at the ComTr final show.