Currently, I am working as a postdoc at Rutgers University in New Jersey. My alma mater is PřF and FI MUNI. I strive to bridge beautiful theory (e.g., mathematics) with useful practice (e.g., cryptology) both in my research and out of it.

  • elliptic curves, algebra, and number theory (elementary, algebraic, and computational)
  • applied cryptography - mainly assymetric one, e.g. isogeny- or multivariate-based,
  • cryptanalysis of implementations, primitives and standards,
  • utilizing algebraic and lattice methods to attack implementations through side channels.



DiSSECT: Distinguisher of Standard & Simulated Elliptic Curves via Traits

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SHINE: Resilience via Practical Interoperability of Multi-Party Schnorr Signature Schemes

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On cryptographic weaknesses related to elliptic curves

SEDLÁČEK, Vladimír. Dissertation thesis. Masaryk university, Faculty of Informatics. Thesis supervisor Václav MATYÁŠ and Riccardo FOCARDI.

A formula for disaster: a unified approach to elliptic curve special-point-based attacks

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Fooling primality tests on smartcards

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Minerva: The curse of ECDSA nonces

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I want to break square-free: The 4p - 1 factorization method and its RSA backdoor viability

SEDLÁČEK, Vladimír, Dušan KLINEC, Marek SÝS, Petr ŠVENDA a Václav MATYÁŠ. In Proceedings of the 16th International Joint Conference on e-Business and Telecommunications (ICETE 2019) - Volume 2: SECRYPT. Prague, Czech Republic: SCITEPRESS, 2019. s. 25-36. ISBN 978-989-758-378-0.


Circular units of real abelian fields with four ramified primes

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Circular units of abelian fields

SEDLÁČEK, Vladimír. Master's thesis. Masaryk university, Faculty of Science. Thesis supervisor Radan KUČERA.


An Introduction to Circular Units (CS)

SEDLÁČEK, Vladimír. Bachelor thesis. Masaryk university, Faculty of Science. Thesis supervisor Radan KUČERA.