Do we really need yet another blog?

Starting a blog is an idea that I've explored several times, but I've always waved it off with the excuse that I don't have enough time or that I don't have anything interesting to say. Lately, however, I've realized that writing down key ideas from both internal and external dialogues is a great way to gain perspective, clear your head, and let new associations emerge. In addition, while preparing some episodes of the podcast Místo problémů I've noticed perfectionist tendencies leading to procrastination — to record a quality episode on a topic is a big enough and challenging task to make it easy to postpone. I believe that sorting ideas in a shorter text form would not have to suffer from this problem (if only because it offers significantly better chance for edits). Of course, afterwards, I will strive to polish the result in a form valuable to the readers.

So now that I'm finally creating my website, I think it's time to revise the earlier decision. In other words, in the near future you can expect a lot of maths, puns, unconventional analogies and, with a bit of luck, deep reflections. Maybe it will inspire, intrigue, or at least entertain someone. And as a bonus, it decently improves the SEO of the site. ;)

So here we go. We'll see what comes of it, but in any case, I'm looking forward to this experience!